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We believe that integrity is the most important ingredient in making great music—integrity of the artists, of the music, and of the recording.

Black and White Classics was founded by Pat Feuchtenberger to provide an artist-friendly recording experience for distinguished artists, primarily pianists, using the finest technology to produce the highest quality sound, along with professional graphics and liner notes.

We offer CDs with respect for the artist's programming wishes—indeed, as if planning a recital program. This is to the listener's advantage, making it possible to listen to a variety of music on each disk, rather than all one composer or all one genre. It also makes it easy to record by recording a live recital.

The artists we present are those who use their talents to explore the depths of the music to bring to the listener a definitive interpretation of the world's finest musical works. We believe that the masterpieces must be recorded and made available to music lovers. The piano is an instrument for which the great composers of the world have written memorable music for 300 years, and our wish is to be a part of preserving and passing the music on to future music lovers.

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